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Cain Medical provides a solution to acquiring data from bedside and Point of care medical devices such as patient monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps and blood gas analysers. Clinical applications can be given the ability to be compatible with a vast range of devices, rapidly and with confidence.

"Cain Medical is the go to solution for connected devices" 


The cornerstone of Cain Medical device connectivity is compatibility. By providing a single coherent standard to communicating with medical devices, you can be assured that your clinical applications are compatible to talk to any device, now and any time in the future.


Cain Medical solution works both inside the hospital and out, by enabling clinical staff in the community to interface their community-based medical devices to the hospital information LIMS, directly.  


Thereby, diagnostic results can be communicated to the hospital teams in real-time, for example, off-site paramedics & district nurses can be supported by the Pathology labs to make clinical decisions.

"Realtime collection of medical device data to improve patient care" 

At Cain Medical we're proud of our expertise and leadership in medical device interfacing.

Our company has developed a product of sound architecture reflecting our company's reliable and guaranteed performance.
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Registered company address:

Cain Medical Ltd, Norfolk House, 
4 Station Road, St Ives, Cambridgeshire 
PE27 5AF, UK

Companies number: 05518663

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